The StoryFunnel Blueprint

Design The Story & The Strategy To Build Your Business

Get Crystal Clear On Where You Are Going
And Design The Story Framework For The Business That Gives You The Life You Want

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The StoryFunnel Blueprint

Write Their Story, Grow Your Business

Dear Business Owner,

There is no such thing as a sure thing in marketing when it comes to success.

But the one sure path to failure is not having a real strategy for your business.

Showing up without a real strategy online is like going to a boat race without a compass.

You will be lost on the wide ocean of the internet, and never find your way.

That is exactly why we have created the StoryFunnel Blueprint.

This unique, customized 1-on-1 process is the most important investment you could make as a business owner.

Spend 4 hours working with a dedicated, StoryFunnel Certified marketing consultant, and you will have the plan you need.

Now, this strategy won't guarantee your success.

But it will guarantee that you have a real chance of making it in the wide world online.

And this is exactly why we have created the StoryFunnel Blueprint to be such a no-brainer for you.

We make it ridiculously easy to afford - so easy you can't afford not to if you are serious about succeeding in business.

We don't win until you actually get real results, and pay for and stay on our Software.

So with that said, it's time for you to make this small investment in the StoryFunnel Blueprint.


Included in this package, you will get:

  • Coaching Session #1 - Determining your Why (what is driving you?)

  • Coaching Session #2 - Where your business is going? (Visualise what Good Looks Like)

  • Coaching Session #3 - Who is your Hero? (Identifying ideal customer)

  • Coaching Session #4 - Writing Your Hero's Journey (developing your StoryFunnel Blueprint)

Extra on the side:

  • The StoryFunnel MasterClass - 6 Hours of Advanced StoryTelling Training

  • The StoryFunnel MasterClass Pro Footage - 3 Hours of Over-the Shoulder Strategy Build-out


NOTE: At the end of the StoryFunnel Blueprint Coaching Program, you will then have a chance to decide if you want to execute your plan yourself with our coaching, or pay the world-class marketer we have certified to do it for you.

If you want to qualify to work with the StoryFunnel Academy Founder, his agency, or one of his trained film-makers, then get the Premium Package.

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The StoryFunnel Blueprint

Build the Blueprint to Grow Your Business

Coaching Call1

What's Your Why?

Nobody cares about your Story, until they know you care about their story. But nobody will buy from you until they can understand who you are, and why you are the best person to help them. This session uses the methodology of Simon Sinek's Start's With Why to help you get crystal clear on who you are, and what you are doing what you are doing in business.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Coaching Call2

Where are You Going?

Once you understand why you are doing what you are doing, you have to get clear on exactly where you are going. What is your big vision and your mission for your business? What do you want to accomplish in 10 years, and what do you need to do in the next year to be on track to get there? You will clear on this in the second coaching call.

Coaching Call3

Who is Your Hero?

Once you are clear about where you are going, it's time to dig into strategy. And you have to start with the hero of your story (HINT: It's not you!). Your ideal customer will make or break your business. Get this wrong, and you will never succeed in business. This is the first, critical step of building your strategy.

James Cook Media
After James Cook Publishing ran out of money, the owner, Samuel P.N. Cook started a new company called James Cook Media in Warsaw, Poland. He started teaching a Traffic and Conversion Meetup with Ewa Wysocka of Tribe47 at Google's Innovat

Coaching Call 4

Writing Your Hero's Journey

Once you are clear on who your hero really is, it's time to write their story. You do this by desigining the perfect set of offers to help your hero have the courage to invest their precious time and money in getting the better future that they want. Once you do this, you will have what you need to develop the funnel map and your StoryFunnel Blueprint will be set.

Andrew Hackett

StoryFunnel Blueprint

Your StoryFunnel Blueprint Program

HD Video Training

7 Hours of StoryFunnel Marketing Training

Live Training Calls

4 X 1-on-1 StoryTelling Marketing Coaching Calls

Live Q&A Calls

24-Hour Live Chat Technical  & StoryTelling Support 

SanityDesk Software

The StoryTelling Operating System for your Business

The StoryFunnel Blueprint

Complete The Blueprint & Apply Your Entire Investment To The Next Step

The StoryFunnel Academy is the world's top StoryTelling and Marketing Training Academy.

We have trained a group of elite marketers from across the world to help business owners as you get online.

And here's the best part, it's priced for any business owner who is serious about getting online because we are here to help you get online.

We are playing the long game, aligning our success with your success.

We only really make money if you get successfully setup, and subscribe to the SanityDesk Software.

So you won't find a strategy process anywhere else in the world for this price, with this much value attached.

When you finish the StoryFunnel Blueprint Process, and you choose to work with us further, you can apply the entire cost of this process to your next work with us.

Whether you want to do it all yourself and join the StoryFunnel Workshop (a 6-week program to build your StoryFunnel yourself)

Or you want to pay a world-class marketer to build your funnel for you with the StoryFunnel Launch program.

We have you covered. Use your investment to help you cover the next steps.

NOTE: You must complete the entire training to qualify for applying the investment to the next step. To join the Workshop or the StoryFunnel Business Launch program, you must also be a SanityDesk Subscriber (Plans start at $99 per month)

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Strategy Blueprint

For Business Owners who want to be sure their Strategy works before they invest in their funnel.

  • 4 X 1-on-1 Marketing Strategy Coaching Calls ($1,999 Value)

  • Access to 5 Hours of StoryFunnel MasterClass Training ($299 Value)

  • Behind The Scened Of The 'Sage Business School' Funnels ($299 Value)

  • 8 X Funnel Mapping Recipes & Instructions For Each Type Of Funnels ($99 Value)

  • Private StoryFunnel Workshop Facebook Group ($99 Value)

  • BONUS: 24/7 LiveChat Technical Chat Support (Priceless!)

  • BONUS: Access to SanityDesk Software (Plans start at $99 monthly)

  • BONUS: Connection to StoryFunnel Certified Marketers ($999 Value)

Apply the Entire Cost of your Blueprint to your next StoryFunnel Purchase

Total Value of $3,895 USD

$499 $999


       NOTE: This discounted price is available to paying SanityDesk Clients only - Plans start at $99. If you are not yet a paying SanityDesk customer, we can set you up on your first call.


  • Q: Who is the StoryFunnel Blueprint for?
    • Whether you have a business online, or you are thinking of starting one.

      If you think that doing really deep work on your business strategy, mapping out a funnel with an expert, and then getting our help building your funnel on a complete, all-in-one StoryTelling Operating System (SanityDesk Software) will be good for you.

      Then the StoryFunnel Blueprint is for you.

      Whether you want to invest the time to do it yourself, or the money to pay an expert to do it for you after you finish, we have the right solution for the right price point for you.

  • Q: How does the StoryFunnel Build Work?
    • The StoryFunnel Build starts with Free Instant Access to 7 hours of advanced marketing training.

      If you are not already a SanityDesk Subscriber, you need to sign up for the $99 pro plan where you will start your work with your coach.

      As soon as you book the Program, you will schedule a welcome call with us to get acquainted with the program.

      On the welcome call, we will then schedule your 4 strategy calls over the next 14 days to make sure you maintain momentum.

      You will also get access to the preparation materials for the first coaching call, which is Finding Your Why.

      The second coaching call is all about getting clear on your Mission, Vision, and where you want to be in the long term and next 12 months.

      The third coaching call goes into the first building block of your strategy, getting clear on your ideal customer.

      The final coaching call will tie it all together with the Offer Structure you need, and the funnel map you will want to build for your business.

      Once you finish the program, you can then choose how you want to build your funnel.

      If you want to do it yourself, you can join the StoryFunnel Workshop and apply the cost of your Funnel Mapping call to the down payment of $499 you need to pay to join the workshop.

      You then only need to sign a contract for 6 monthly payments on the SanityDesk Pro Software plan for $99 to complete the group coaching program with StoryFunnel Academy Founder Samuel P.N. Cook.

  • Q: When does the StoryFunnel Bluerprint take place and how long does it last?
    • The StoryFunnel Blueprint is a 1-on-1 coaching program.

      As soon as you purchase, you must schedule your welcome call with our team.

      On the welcome call, we will block off 4 x 1 hour calls with your marketer over the course of 14 days to make sure you maintain momentum and finish the coaching.

  • Q: What if I can’t complete the training in 2 weeks?
    • We understand life happens. Sometimes you can't complete the work in a compressed period of time because things come up.

      To be sure you are ready to do the work, we will ask you to clear your schedule and block off the time to do the work.

      If that time is not right after you buy, just block something out in advance when you can do the work in 14 days.

      If something comes up that is unexpected, of course we will be flexible and help you schedule or reschedule your sessions as needed.

  • Q: Why do I have to buy the SanityDesk Software to join the StoryFunnel Blueprint?
    • StoryFunnel Academy is a wholly owned brand of SanityDesk, which is a Silicon Valley Venture backed startup.

      Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs to the tools and the people they need to grow.

      We would charge $999 for this training if we were a coaching program, but since it's subsidized by SanityDesk, we are offering it for 50% off this price.

      The only condition is that you subscribe to the Software and test it out after you finish the Funnel Mapping process.

      You get 24/7 Livechat Support as a user, and we know it will be the tech solution you need to get the results that you want after the coaching.

      This is also our way of seeing if you are serious about implementing this strategy after you finish it.

      If you already have a website, don't worry, you can easily integrate SanityDesk with your existing tech with Zapier.


  • Q: When do I have to buy the SanityDesk Software account?
    • You will need to sign-up for the Software account before your first coaching call.

      On the first welcome call, if you haven't signed up already, we will set you up on the Software and show you how to use it to stay organized while you start your homework process with us.

  • Q: I want to get setup right away, I don't want to waste 2 weeks building a strategy. Can I skip this and just get started?
    • Sorry, but if you don't believe in the value of a strategy blueprint, then you won't succeed in marketing.

      You need to understand that we have your best interest in mind.

      After working with thousands of clients, we have proven that without a strategy, you won't succeed.

      If you don't buy into this process and play full out, we simply don't want you inside of our program.

      However you can speed up the strategy process and do it in less than 2 weeks.

      Work with your coach on the welcome call to map out how quickly you want to move, and we will work with you.

  • Q: After I get do the StoryFunnel Blueprint, what can you do to help me build my marketing funnel?
    • At the StoryFunnel Academy SanityDesk, our mission is to connect you with the people and the tools you need to grow your business.

      We have a lot of marketers who are using our platform, we have a marketplace where you can connect with these marketers and speak to them about helping you with your marketing.

      We are going to try to match you with the right marketer who could help you build your funnel if you choose to pay a marketer to do it for you.

      If that marketer isn't the right one to help you build it, you can ask us to connect you with others in our marketplace.

      If you want to do your own marketing, we can enroll you in the StoryFunnel Workshop where you can pay 6 payments of $99 and apply your investment in this Blueprint to the $499 down payment for the workshop.

  • Q: How do I know this program is worth the money?
    • The price you would normally pay for 4 X strategy calls at any other marketing training company would be between $999 - $1,999 or more.

      This is the best price you will find on the market, because we are part of a Software company that wants you to use the Software in exchange for your discounted price of just $499.

      You really can't afford to NOT do a real strategy process.

      Think about it.

      Would you ever build a house in the real world without paying for a set of blueprints for your house?

      Of course not, that would be deadily.

      Well the same thing is true with a digital business - you will never succeed without a real strategy laid out in a blueprint.

      The cost of failure is too high to not make this small investment in time and money.

StoryFunnel Blueprint

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Regardless of how good you are in your field of expertise, the Right Story is what makes the business stand out.
And once you have that in place, we have exactly the right training or experts to help you build your entire Strategy and Tell the World!

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