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For Marketing Consultants Who Want to be Fast-Track their Certification

  • 6 Weekly Live Training Calls w/ Samuel P.N. Cook on Funnel Building
  • 6 Weekly Live Small Group Q&A Calls with Coach & Peers
  • PRO Content: 3 Hours of Strategy & Copy Training
  • 6 Hours of StoryFunnel Marketing Strategy Training
  • 15 Hours of StoryTelling Marketing Bonus Footage 
  • Complete StoryFunnel Marketing Strategy Workbook
  • Access a Marketplace to for Qualified Business Owners who want help
  • 3 X Introductions to Coaching Clients who could be customers
  • FREE Closed BETA Access to SanityDesk for Your Clients
  • 4 X Funnel Technical Setup 1-on-1 Coaching Calls Through Program
  • Chance to Become Certified StoryFunnel Consultant on SanityDesk Marketplace