What's #1 Marketing Mistake You Are Making With Your Online Business


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Your “#1 Mistake” is what’s known as the “Hero Mistake!”

Here is what that means for you and your business

What that means is that you have not clearly defined who your ideal customer (your hero!) is for your business. And while you may be doing a lot of other things well in your marketing, if you are not crystal clear on who you are trying to help, then you can never be sure that your marketing is really going to work like it should. The Hero mistake will affect every part of your marketing. It will cause you to design the wrong type of website or funnel. And it can make your messaging unclear or even offensive to your best customers. Finally, it can lead you down all the wrong paths when you go start spending time and money getting customers to your funnel. All the time and money you spend on marketing until you are super clear on who your hero is will be just like lighting money on fire!

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