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Hi, my name is Sam Cook, the Co-Founder and CEO of SanityDesk, and the creator of the StorySelling MasterClass and the StoryFunnel Academy.

You have just taken this short survey that I have prepared to see what you can do to improve your sales and grow your business.

The survey you just completed is a brand new research project we have started here at the StoryFunnel Academy, where we want to study the skills and blockages that all business owners have when it comes to making sales. So we are in the process of putting together a customized report for everyone who completes the survey.

Now your quiz question answers are safely in our system, and in the future, we are producing highly customized video training for people like you based on how you answered these questions. But we have not yet generated these videos for you yet. But because you are an early mover, I wanted to reward you with something even better.

Instead of just getting a video and a written report that we will be producing in the future for everyone who takes this quiz, I wanted to offer you something even more special.

A FREE 30 minute coaching call with a member of my team to review what you answered on the quiz. Together you and a member of my team will go over each question you answered, and then discuss ways you can improve in each area.

We are offering this free coaching call with a member of my team so that we can learn from the early adopters on this quiz, and build out a much better, detailed and personalized report that will help future takers of this test.

Your reward for taking it so early is a chance to speak to us directly and get some free coaching. And don’t worry, if at the end of the coaching call, you want to get more help from us we can certainly talk about ways we can help you further.

Now you might be wondering, who are you and how do you know so much about sales and marketing?

Well, five years ago, I founded the StoryMatters Academy brand online with my media agency. And in this training, we pioneered the idea of combining storytelling with funnels to create the idea of the StoryFunnel.

In working with a number of business owners, we found that all of them struggled with selling and wanted to improve on that. So we developed a StorySelling Framework.

Every business owner we worked with who struggled with sales would double their sales closing rate after this training.

Schedule A Call To Speak With A Member Of My Team