The Original Sin of the Digital Age

Samuel P.N.Cook

Jun 30, 2021

What does a19th Century Ukranian poet, an exclusive tech funding network in Los Angeles, and getting locked out of your Facebook account has to do with the future of your business online?

Just about everything, it turns out.

Whether you're familiar with my journey as the founder of Story Matters Academy and the all-in-one website platform SanityDesk, you'll want to pull up a chair and pay attention to the story I have for you today.


Because what I have for you is not only a wild romp through history, but it also could spell the difference between your success and failure online (not an exaggeration, btw.) 

... just might predict important coming events that could reshape the way you plan your business future

... serve as a cautionary tale that will prevent you from making crucial mistakes as you look to grow and scale your online business in the near — and long-term — future.

In a hurry and want to see what I have for you?

Grab your popcorn because here's what you'll experience in this video:

The remarkable and heroic story of a Ukrainian poet who dared to defy Tsar Nicholas I in standing up for the rights and freedom of his fellow citizens ... and how that same battle is being waged today online — including YOUR digital rights — and what it means for you and your business moving forward.

My journey from serving 13 years in the United States Army to becoming a teacher of Russian history and the eventual founder of multiple tech startups.

How the world runs in 80-year cycles of "me" and "we," and how we are just about to usher in the next phase of a critical "we" cycle — and what to do about it as it relates to your business planning.

How I got locked out of my Facebook account for no good reason, with seemingly no recourse whatsoever — and how I got it back.

How the most powerful man on the planet got banned from virtually every social media platform, and what that means for me and you (in completely non-political terms).

Written by:

Samuel P.N.Cook


Jun 30, 2021

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